First name Surname Role Relevant business interest that could present a
conflict of interest (including Governor at
another school)
Personal relationships with
Partnership Learning Members, Trustees, Local Governors or Employees
spouse, partner and relative
Alexander Cameron Trustee 1. Director of Socia Ltd 2. Director of Alex Cameron Ltd 3.Director of QDMC. None
Mwangala (Mo) Lishomwa Trustee 1. Principal Programme Manager at Finastra 2. Director of 120 Marlborough Road Limited 3. Trustee of Frontline Live None
Saadat (Sid) Mubashar Trustee & Member 1. Portfolio Manager for HSBC UK Ltd None
Roger Leighton Trustee 1. Governor of Southwood Primary School (Dagenham) None
Li Li Long Trustee 1. Trustee of The London Historic Buildings Trust None
Alan Lazell Trustee 1. Governor of Thurstable School and Sixth Form Centre (Tiptree, Essex) 2. Trustee of Colchester and Tendring Youth Enquiry Service None
Peter McPartland Trustee 1. Trustee of Crown and Manor Club, Hoxton None
Deepa Chandrasekaran Trustee None None
David Reedy Member 1. Consultant for Venn Multi Academy Trust 2. Trustee of United Kingdom Literacy Association None
Heather Flint Member 1. Governor of Alec Reed Academy (Ealing) None
Jenna Plush Member 1. Associate at Stephenson Harwood LLP None